Frequency and consistency are keys to successful change; therefore most of my services will come in the form of multi-visit packages to ensure you receive the appropriate assessment, feedback, and guidance during your visits.  Ultimately, change is best achieved after working together for a minimum of 3 months.    All packages include email access to me and handouts or worksheets as appropriate. Living in the Washington, DC metropolitan area can make for crazy commutes.  Although I am located right near a metro stop and have free street parking available, wouldn’t it be great if some things would just come to you instead?  You are in luck! I can provide the same services at your home or preferred location*.  Adjusted fees are listed as “home” in the Fees section to reflect this option. Some of the benefits of services coming to you:

  • Sanity (DC traffic – enough said)
  • No childcare concerns
  • No travel time maximizes your hours in the day (maybe you can actually sit down to have breakfast!)
  • Access to home kitchen allows for cooking or food demonstrations
  • Family involvement can increase home support

*Stated fees apply for locations within 40 miles or 60 minutes commuting time roundtrip from Nutrition Unlocked, LLC’s office location. Payment Methods

  • Payment is expected at the time of service. All packages must be paid in full at the initial session unless an alternate payment schedule has been discussed and agreed up on with your provider.
  • Payment is accepted in the form of cash, check, or credit card. Electronic invoices may be sent if agreed upon with your provider.
  • Nutrition Unlocked, LLC is not an insurance provider. It is your responsibility to determine if your insurance will cover your nutrition therapy; if so, a receipt will be provided for your payment in order to receive reimbursement from your insurance provider.
  • Checks should be made out to Nutrition Unlocked, LLC or Lauren Trocchio. A $25 fee will be assessed for insufficient funds.

  Cancellation Policy You will be charged $75 for all appointments missed or not cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled time, unless in the case of an emergency as determined by the provider.

You’ve spent hours training. You followed a program and bought all the gear. But something is still missing. Whether a first-time or veteran athlete, sport-specific nutrition should be a part of your routine. If you’re an athlete here are a few reasons you may need to focus on nutrition:

  • You’re consistently bonking in training and races.
  • You’re constantly sore and never feel recovered from workouts.
  • Despite all the training, you’re gaining weight, losing weight, or neither (but you want to.)
  • You’ve been plagued by intestinal issues during training and racing.
  • You have a medical condition or food allergy which has made adequate nutrition for your sport practically impossible
  • The sports supplement industry is majorly confusing and you’re not sure what is best to use and/or avoid.

Initial Package: One 60 minute session + two 30 minute sessions. This package is designed to start you on the path to meeting your sport performance goals.  It includes a full diet and medical history review as well as thorough discussion of current training schedule and planned races/competitions. During these sessions we will jointly develop a sample fueling plan designed to specifically meet your dietary needs that will be based on training type and volume.  This allows you the opportunity to take an active role in your fueling and carry it on after our sessions have completed. Fees: $250 (office) $350 (home)  

Initial Package + Sweat Electrolyte Test: Everything that comes with the initial package (above) plus a kit to conduct a home electrolyte sweat test, the results of which we will review together and develop a tailored fluid and electrolyte intake plan for workouts and racing. Fees: $370 (office) $470 (home)  

Sweat Electrolyte Test: A kit to conduct a home electrolyte sweat test plus a 30 minute session to discuss the results and develop a tailored fluid and electrolyte intake plan for workouts and racing. Fees: $175 (office) $275 (home)  

Maintenance Package: Four 30-minute sessions.  You’ve established your specific sports nutrition needs but would like to have nutrition support available as your training and competition continues. This package allows you continued support from the dietitian and is offered at a 10% discount from individual sessions. Fees: $200 (office) $300 (home)  

Individual Maintenance Sessions: One hour: $110 (office) $160 (home); 30-minutes: $55 (office) $80 (home)

It’s not a diet – it’s a lifestyle. Wellness can’t be defined by any one number. Some might even say it’s more of a feeling. Perhaps you’ve realized you haven’t really felt “well” after years of chronic dieting. You might find yourself attaching moral judgments or emotions to your eating experiences (guilt, shame, or “I was bad”.) Or maybe you just need some perspective on the abundance of nutrition information out there. Research and experience has shown that prescribed plans (although practically perfect in every way) and rules about eating don’t necessarily set folks up for a life of self-made food choices which honor both their physical and psychological wellness. The end result? The stress of thinking they failed and seeking yet another diet. There is much we have yet to learn in the world of nutrition and weight management, but what we DO know is that it is complex. Weight and wellness is impacted by everything from genetics to environmental factors to lifestyle to exercise to nutrition to stress – and the list goes on.  Truthfully, there are an abundance of ways to eat healthy and support wellness, which is depicted by the variety of foods and lifestyles around the world. This goes the same for exercise, and stress management, etc. This journey is about finding the best combination of factors for you. No matter what, what works best for you requires honoring your own mind and body. Working with me can help you realize the following benefits:

  • Increased energy
  • Improved relationship with food and your body
  • Reduced risk of diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes
  • Joy in movement and activity
  • Reduced stress and anxiety surrounding food choices and your body

I have experience working with the following conditions/food preferences and can assist with incorporating the appropriate nutrition recommendations into your plan: Celiac disease, IBS (low FODMAP approach), food allergies, and vegetarians/vegans.  

Initial Package: One 60 minute initial session + two 30 minute sessions + email communication between visits. This package is designed to get you started on improving your dietary habits. We will have a discussion about your medical and dieting history along with your daily schedule, activity level, family and social life. Based on these sessions I may work with you to incorporate any of the following as needed:

  • Daily or weekly goals for changing dietary habits
  • Flexible, sample meals and schedules to promote mind-body wellness
  • Journaling where you are asked to track your thoughts and feelings surrounding foods encountered throughout the day
  • Worksheets and activities to understand your relationship with foods and your body
  • Grocery shopping, cooking, or meal planning tips

Fees: $250 (office) $350 (home)

Wellness Commitment Package: One 60-minute initial session +  two 30-minute sessions + eight 15-minute phone sessions + email communication between visits. This package is designed to provide ongoing phone support after the initial in-person visits. Typically this package is stretched over 5-6 months with phone calls occurring every two weeks. Fees: $475 (office) $575 (home)

Maintenance Package: Four 30-minute sessions. Doing well after the initial package but could use an occasional check-in? This package allows you to continue your wellness journey with my support and is offered at a 10% discount compared to individual sessions. Fees: $200 (office) $300 (home)

Individual Maintenance Sessions: One hour: $110 (office) $160 (home) 30-minutes: $55 (office) $80 (home)  

Eating well starts with a plan, and that plan must include being able to navigate the grocery store. I’ll join you on a tour of the store to provide grocery-selecting tips that meet your nutrition needs and introduce you to new meal and snack options. Handouts will be provided detailing all information discussed during the tour. Things you might learn from a grocery store tour include:

  • Whether it is better to buy fresh, frozen, or canned items.
  • Is it necessary or recommended to buy organic products, and if so which ones?
  • How to shop healthy on a budget.
  • Decoding product claims (What does “All Natural” mean?) and understanding the nutrition label.

  Fees: $150

Whether a local club, professional team, or corporation, I can meet your group nutrition presentation needs. Here are some examples of how a group presentation may benefit your organization:

    • A collegiate or professional team looking to increase overall nutrition awareness and enhance athletic performance.
    • A local running club seeking ways to add value to the program and enhance member performance.
    • A company supporting employee wellness by encouraging improved dietary habits resulting in increased productivity and decreased insurance costs.

Please contact Nutrition Unlocked, LLC to discuss specific projects and fees for group presentations.