• The eating chain of events: choosing the right link when you want to break it

    Carbs, fat, gluten, soy, sugar – at some point one (or all) of these things have been blamed for our weight and eating habits. And it’s understandable that we want to believe they are at the root of our struggles.… Read More »

  • Balanced Eating in the Holiday Season

    Well, it’s official – it’s the holiday season. And for many this is a double-edged sword time of year. We look forward to the parties, family gatherings and delicious seasonal treats (what else can we make with peppermint?), yet we… Read More »

  • Nutrition for Injury Recovery

    Injuries. Ugh. For an athlete or active person, an injury can be a major bummer. While most injuries can put a damper on your regular activity, more serious injuries can require surgery & even more time off and attention. Whether… Read More »

  • What to Do When You Fall Behind on Fueling in a Race

    If you’ve been unfortunate enough to fall behind on fueling in a race (I’m included in this crowd, too), then you know it’s no walk in the park. It’s possible for this to happen at any race length really, based… Read More »

  • Why Blindly Following a Meal Plan can Backfire

    A few weeks back I met with Sarah* for the first time. Sarah had tried every diet known to man – Atkins, a very-low-calorie diet, Weight Watchers, Paleo, South Beach….like most, she did really well in the beginning and lost… Read More »

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