• Homemade Corn Tortillas

     Sure, you can buy corn tortillas at the store, but this homemade twist on a corn tortilla can lead to a savory OR sweet dish.  In fact, these tortillas are so good I often keep them around just for a… Read More »

  • 10 Packable Recovery Snacks

    For many, busy lives make it tough just to be able to get in a workout, let alone endurance athletes hoping to train 10-20 hours per week. Quite often other things are “cut” in order to create more time –… Read More »

  • Cherry Almond Recovery Smoothie

    The purpose of post-workout fueling is to aid recovery and provide an appropriate setting for training adaptations to occur. And to have something yummy after a tough session. This smoothie takes recovery up a notch by incorporating tart cherry juice… Read More »

  • Sports foods vs regular foods for fueling: Is one better than the other?

    Last year at an Ironman I watched someone chomp down a sweet potato coming out of T2. A sweet potato. The interest in using “regular” food (ie fruits, crackers, sweet potatoes, coconut water) versus engineered sports foods (ie electrolyte beverages,… Read More »

  • Athlete digestive ail’s: Could certain carbs be triggering your gastric troubles?

    I remember back to my pre-dietitian, heavy triathlon training days and one of the most memorable things that pops into my mind is…bloating. Aaaahhh, yes…the pain from trying to crank out a track workout while the innards are churning and… Read More »

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