• The Gluten Conundrum: Should You be Eating Gluten-Free?

    Poor gluten. It’s really had a tough couple of years, and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight. Approximately 1% of the worldwide population has Celiac disease which requires management with a gluten-free diet; this combined with the… Read More »

  • Electrolytes: What They do for an Athlete

    Experiencing electrolyte confusion? Never fear - you're not alone!  Check out this video for a brief explanation on what electrolytes do for athletes.  After watching, leave me a comment below on any other burning electrolyte questions! http://youtu.be/a1eRZVjygH4  

  • Introductions are in order…

    This blog represents an opportunity to combine my nutrition knowledge with my experiences, philosophies, and personality to help educate and perhaps motivate those seeking nutrition guidance. I'll start by introducing myself, but without a doubt it's YOUR questions/experiences/comments that drive… Read More »